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Puumala Virus Infection in Family, Switzerland

Vetter, P.; L'Huillier, A.G.; Montalbano, M.F.; Pigny, F.; Eckerle, I.; Torriani, G.; Rothenberger, S.; Laubscher, F.; Cordey, S.; Kaiser, L.; Schibler, M.

Emerging Infectious Diseases 27(2): 658-660


ISSN/ISBN: 1080-6059
PMID: 33496646
Accession: 072402304

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We report 3 cases of Puumala virus infection in a family in Switzerland in January 2019. Clinical manifestations of the infection ranged from mild influenza-like illness to fatal disease. This cluster illustrates the wide range of clinical manifestations of Old World hantavirus infections and the challenge of diagnosing travel-related hemorrhagic fevers.

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