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The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Cerasus jingningensis (Rosaceae) , an endemic plant to Zhejiang province, China

Jiang, M.; Wang, J.

Mitochondrial Dna. Part B Resources 4(2): 3511-3512


ISSN/ISBN: 2380-2359
PMID: 33366063
DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2019.1676179
Accession: 072690083

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Cerasus jingningensis is a deciduous shrub endemic to Zhejiang province, China. In our study, we assembled and characterised the chloroplast (CP) genome of C. jingningensis based on high-throughput Illumina sequencing data. The CP genome is 157,913 bp in length with an overall GC content of 36.7%, and it consists of two inverted repeats of 26,427 bp each, a large single copy of 85,934 bp, and a small single copy of 19,125 bp. The genome harbours 131 genes, including 85 protein-coding genes, 37 tRNA genes, eight rRNA genes, and a pseudogene ycf1. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that C. jingningensis is a sister of C. serrulata var. spontanea.

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