Section 73
Chapter 72,905

Microbial ecology of 'Shiro' in Tricholoma matsutake (S. Ito & Imai) Sing. and its allied species. V. Tricholoma matsutake in Tsuga sieboldii forests

Ogawa, M.

Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan 18: 34-46


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-0289
Accession: 072904041

(IV) The T. matsutake strain studied in subalpine forests formed the normal type of shiro in mineral soil layers, forming mycorrhizae with fine young roots of T. diversifolia, and excluding some soil fungi from the territory.(V) Mycorrhizae formed on the young fine roots of T. sieboldii, in 'witches' broom' or elongated pinnate shapes, were somewhat parasitic in character (lacking the fungal sheath and Hartig net.).

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