The quality in psychiatric care-Addiction outpatient instrument: Psychometric properties and patient views of the quality of care

Schröder, A.; Skårberg, K.; Lundqvist, L.-O.

Nursing Open 8(4): 1920-1927


ISSN/ISBN: 2054-1058
PMID: 33721421
DOI: 10.1002/nop2.861
Accession: 079134750

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the psychometric properties and factor structure of the Quality in Psychiatric Care-Addiction Outpatient (QPC-AOP) instrument and to describe the experiences with the quality of care among addiction outpatients. The study has a cross-sectional design. A sample of 244 patients with addiction and psychiatric disorders completed the QPC-AOP. Confirmatory factor analysis showed adequate to excellent goodness-of-fit indices supporting the 9-factor structure of the QPC-AOP. The results thus demonstrate that the concept of quality of care to a large extent is equivalent among outpatients from general psychiatry and from outpatient addiction services. Internal consistency for the full QPC-AOP was adequate, but poor for some of the separate factors. The patients' ratings of quality of care were generally high; the highest rating was for Encounter and the lowest for Discharge.