Novel Three-Dimensional Bladder Reconstruction Model from B-Mode Ultrasound Image to Improve the Accuracy of Bladder Volume Measurement

Chang, M.-L.; Li, H.-C.; Liu, C.-K.; Chiang, H.-S.; Hsu, C.-C.

Sensors 21(14)


ISSN/ISBN: 1424-8220
PMID: 34300632
DOI: 10.3390/s21144893
Accession: 079279603

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Traditional bladder volume measurement from B-mode (two-dimensional) ultrasound has been found to produce inaccurate results, and thus in this work we aim to improve the accuracy of measurement from B-mode ultrasound. A total of 75 electronic medical records including ultrasonic images were reviewed retrospectively from 64 patients. We put forward a novel bladder volume measurement method, in which a three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction model was established from conventional two-dimensional (2D) ultrasonic images to estimate the bladder volume. The differences and relationships were analyzed among the actual volume, the traditional estimated volume, and the new reconstruction model estimated volume. We also compared the data in different volume groups from small volume to high volume. The mean actual volume is 531.8 mL and the standard deviation is 268.7 mL; the mean percentage error of traditional estimation is -28%. In our new bladder measurement method, the mean percentage error is -10.18% (N = 2), -4.72% (N = 3), -0.33% (N = 4), and 2.58% (N = 5). There is no significant difference between the actual volume and our new bladder measurement method (N = 4) in all data or the divided four groups. The estimated volumes from the traditional method or our new method are highly correlated with the actual volume. Our data show that the three-dimensional bladder reconstruction model provides an accurate measurement from conventional B-mode ultrasonic images compared with the traditional method. The accuracy is seen across different groups of volume, and thus we can conclude that this is a reliable and economical volume measurement model that can be applied in general software or in apps on mobile devices.