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Non-invasive capnodynamic mixed venous oxygen saturation during major changes in oxygen delivery

Svedmyr, A.; Konrad, M.; Wallin, M.; Hallbäck, M.; Lönnqvist, P.-A.; Karlsson, J.

Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 36(5): 1315-1324


ISSN/ISBN: 1573-2614
PMID: 34609659
Accession: 079356871

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Mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) is an important variable in anesthesia and intensive care but currently requires pulmonary artery catheterization. Recently, non-invasive determination of SvO2 (Capno-SvO2) using capnodynamics has shown good agreement against CO-oximetry in an animal model of modest hemodynamic changes. The purpose of the current study was to validate Capno-SvO2 against CO-oximetry during major alterations in oxygen delivery. Furthermore, evaluating fiberoptic SvO2 for its response to the same challenges. Eleven mechanically ventilated pigs were exposed to oxygen delivery changes: increased inhaled oxygen concentration, hemorrhage, crystalloid and blood transfusion, preload reduction and dobutamine infusion. Capno-SvO2 and fiberoptic SvO2 recordings were made in parallel with CO-oximetry. Respiratory quotient, needed for capnodynamic SvO2, was measured by analysis of mixed expired gases. Agreement of absolute values between CO-oximetry and Capno-SvO2 and fiberoptic SvO2 respectively, was assessed using Bland-Altman plots. Ability of Capno- SvO2 and fiberoptic SvO2 to detect change compared to CO-oximetry was assessed using concordance analysis. The interventions caused significant hemodynamic variations. Bias between Capno-SvO2 and CO-oximetry was + 3% points (95% limits of agreements - 7 to + 13). Bias between fiberoptic SvO2 and CO-oximetry was + 1% point, (95% limits of agreements - 7 to + 9). Concordance rate for Capno-SvO2 and fiberoptic SvO2 vs. CO-oximetry was 98% and 93%, respectively. Capno-SvO2 generates absolute values close to CO-oximetry. The performance of Capno-SvO2 vs. CO-oximetry was comparable to the performance of fiberoptic SvO2 vs. CO-oximetry. Capno-SvO2 appears to be a promising tool for non-invasive SvO2 monitoring.

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