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The Anopheles baileyi species complex (Diptera: Culicidae: Anophelinae) in Bhutan

Somboon, P.; Phanitchakun, T.; Namgay, R.; Harbach, R.E.

Acta Tropica 226: 106241


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-6254
PMID: 34800377
Accession: 079441050

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This paper deals with three species (informal species A, B and C) of the Baileyi Complex of Anopheles subgenus Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) that were recently reported from Bhutan. Species A is An. baileyi sensu stricto, while species B and C are new species which are formally described and named herein as An. monticola Somboon, Namgay & Harbach and An. bhutanensis Somboon, Namgay & Harbach, respectively. Morphological characters of the adults, male genitalia, larval and pupal stages of the two new species, and the chaetotaxy of the immature stages, are provided and compared with An. baileyi from Bhutan. Although the patterns of wing spots of the adults and the pupal setae of the three species are very similar, significant differences in structures of the male genitalia distinguish them. Larvae of An. baileyi and An. monticola are similar, but differ from the larva of An. bhutanensis in the development of setae 3- and 13-T. The first antennal flagellomere of females of An. baileyi and An. bhutanensis has a distinct patch of pale scales, which is absent in An. monticola.

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