Section 80
Chapter 79,495

Information impact on synaptic arousal and formation of permanent memory trace

Fałek, P.; Fałek, A.; Kager, M.; Kager, R.; Walkowicz, P.; Kubiak, M.; Starosławska, E.żb.; Burdan, F.

Folia Medica Cracoviensia 61(3): 33-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-5616
PMID: 34882662
Accession: 079494372

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Memory trace is an effect of temporary arousal (perception, experience, action) that causes a specific change in the nervous system. Memory allows to record and recall various information, thus enabling to learn new things. It is an extremely active and dynamic process. The influence of emotions on memory is obvious, largely determined by the close cooperation of the amygdala (responsible for emotions) and the hippocampus (memory processes).

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