Section 80
Chapter 79,624

An ultralow-acceptor-content supramolecular light-harvesting system for white-light emission

Diao, K.; Whitaker, D.J.; Huang, Z.; Qian, H.; Ren, D.; Zhang, L.; Li, Z.-Y.; Sun, X.-Q.; Xiao, T.; Wang, L.

Chemical Communications 58(14): 2343-2346


ISSN/ISBN: 1364-548X
PMID: 35080216
Accession: 079623611

White-light emission in donor-acceptor systems usually requires relatively high acceptor content and/or multiple acceptors to "neutralize" the primary color of donors. Herein, a cyanostilbene-bridged ditopic ureidopyrimidinone donor (CSU) was designed and synthesized, which can self-assemble into dispersed nanoparticles in water. Fascinatingly, efficient white-light emission can be realized by co-assembling 0.1% DBT into the nanoparticles through a light-harvesting strategy. This new system is further demonstrated for use in white-light encryption materials.

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