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Impact of BRCA mutation on the survival and risk of contralateral breast cancer in Asian breast cancer patients

Lin, P.-H.; Chen, S.-C.; Tseng, L.-M.; Chang, K.-J.; Huang, A.-C.; Cheng, K.-C.; Yang, K.; Wu, H.-C.; Chao, T.-Y.; Chang, Y.-C.; Lin, P.-C.; Kuo, W.-H.; Kuo, W.-L.; Lin, C.-H.; Chen, H.-M.; Yeh, D.-C.; Liu, L.-C.; Liu, C.-Y.; Wang, M.-Y.; Lo, C.; Lu, Y.-S.; Huang, C.-S.

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 192(3): 629-637


ISSN/ISBN: 1573-7217
PMID: 35113257
Accession: 079644485

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Breast cancer is increasing around the globe, including Asia. We aimed to examine the survival and risk of contralateral breast cancer (CBC) in Asian breast cancer patients with BRCA mutations. A total of 128 breast cancer patients with germline BRCA mutations and 4,754 control breast cancer patients were enrolled. Data on clinical-pathologic characteristics, survival, and CBC were collected from the medical record. The rates of survival and CBC were estimated by Kaplan-Meier method. The mean age of onset in BRCA mutation carriers was significantly younger than control patients (BRCA vs. Non-BRCA: 43.9 vs. 53.2 years old). BRCA mutation carriers had a higher proportion of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) (52%) than control patients (12%, p < 0.001). The risk of CBC was significantly higher in BRCA mutation patients than in control cases (hazard ratio (HR) = 3.95, 95% CI 2.71-5.75); when stratified by genotype, the HRs (95%CI) were 4.84 (3.00-7.82) for BRCA1 and 3.13 (1.78-5.49) for BRCA2 carriers, respectively. Moreover, BRCA1 mutation patients with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) as their first breast cancer had the highest risk of CBC (HR = 5.55, 95% CI 3.29-9.34). However, we did not observe any differences in relapse-free survival and overall survival between mutation carriers and control patients. Our study suggest that BRCA patients had a significantly higher risk of developing CBC, particularly for BRCA1 mutation carriers with TNBC as the first breast cancer.

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