Wear Experience of a Water Surface Daily Disposable Contact Lens in Existing Silicone Hydrogel Planned Replacement Lens Wearers

Rutschilling, R.; Fogt, J.S.

Clinical Optometry 14: 27-34


ISSN/ISBN: 1179-2752
PMID: 35281321
Accession: 079753607

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The health benefits of silicone hydrogel lens materials and a daily replacement modality have been demonstrated in previous studies; however, existing planned replacement lens wearers may resist changing to a new lens replacement schedule. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the wear experience of satisfied planned replacement silicone hydrogel wearers when refit into a silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens. In this open-label, non-comparison study, satisfied wearers of two week planned replacement contact lenses were evaluated for inclusion criteria and refit with optimized prescriptions in their habitual lenses. At a follow-up visit one week later, participants were refit with the study daily disposable lenses and completed visual analog scale (VAS) surveys of initial quality of vision, comfort, and satisfaction. Participants returned for a final visit after two weeks of wearing the study daily disposable lenses. At the final visit, VAS surveys for both overall and end of day (EOD) vision, comfort, and dryness were completed. Overall median and interquartile range (IQR) were assessed for all surveys in the study. Thirty individuals completed the study (29.1 ± 7.8 years old; 19 female). Median (IQR) results for the initial impression VAS surveys were 92.50(11.75) for quality of vision, 92.50(18.00) for comfort, and 93.00(18.00) for satisfaction. Final VAS survey results revealed median scores of 87.50(25.00) for EOD quality of vision and 82.50(51.25) for EOD comfort. The median overall quality of vision was 91.00(17.00) and overall comfort was 93.00(28.50). Median (IQR) overall dryness was 28.50(49.00) and median EOD dryness was 30.50(64.25). The findings of this study suggest that providers can successfully refit satisfied wearers of early generation silicone hydrogel planned replacement lenses into a new generation silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens while maintaining satisfaction.