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Efficient artificial light-harvesting system constructed from supramolecular polymers with AIE property

Xiao, T.; Shen, Y.; Bao, C.; Diao, K.; Ren, D.; Qian, H.; Zhang, L.

RSC Advances 11(48): 30041-30045


ISSN/ISBN: 2046-2069
PMID: 35480273
Accession: 079880523

Supramolecular luminescent materials in water have attracted much interest due to their excellent tunability, multi-color emission, and environment-friendly behavior. However, hydrophobic chromophores are often affected by poor solubility and aggregation-caused quenching effects in aqueous media. Herein, we report a water-phase artificial light-harvesting system based on an AIE-type supramolecular polymer. Specifically, dispersed nanoparticles in water were prepared from an AIE chromophore-bridged ditopic ureidopyrimidinone (M) based supramolecular polymer with the assistance of surfactants. By co-assembling the hydrophobic chromophores NDI as energy acceptor into the nanocarriers, artificial light-harvesting systems (M-NDI) could be successfully constructed, exhibiting efficient energy transfer and high antenna effects. Furthermore, the spectral emission of the system could be continuously tuned with a relatively small number of acceptors. This work develops an efficient supramolecular light-harvesting system in water, which has potential applications in dynamic luminescent materials.

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