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4- (Pyridin-4-yl) thiazol-2-amine as an efficient non-toxic inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acid solutions

Yang, X.; Li, F.; Zhang, W.

RSC Advances 9(19): 10454-10464


ISSN/ISBN: 2046-2069
PMID: 35515274
DOI: 10.1039/c8ra09618j
Accession: 079903313

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A novel eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor, namely, 4-(pyridin-4-yl)thiazol-2-amine (PTA), was synthesized and evaluated as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M HCl solution. Its inhibition effect against mild steel corrosion was investigated via weight loss methods, electrochemical measurements, and surface analyses. The experimental results showed that PTA is an effective corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in an acid medium, and the maximum inhibition efficiency reached 96.06% at 0.2 mM concentration. Polarization studies showed that PTA acted as a mixed inhibitor. The sorption behavior on the steel surface complies with the Langmuir adsorption isotherm, exhibiting both physisorption and chemisorption. The constitution and characteristic of the protective layer on the steel surface were verified using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) and UV-Vis spectroscopy. Quantum chemistry calculations were used to study the relationship between the inhibition efficiency and molecular structure of the inhibitor.