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Chapter 79,966

Cephalopod palaeobiology: evolution and life history of the most intelligent invertebrates: Honoring Sigurd von Boletzky and his contributions to cephalopod research

Klug, C.; Bonnaud-Ponticelli, L.; Nabhitabhata, J.; Fuchs, D.; De Baets, K.; Cheng, J.; Hoffmann, R.é

Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 141(1): 7


ISSN/ISBN: 1664-2384
PMID: 35607365
Accession: 079965510

Sigurd von Boletzky was a cephalopod researcher who was world-renowned for his enthusiasm for his field of research, for his friendly and calm personality, and, of course, his publications. He dedicated most of his life as active researcher on the development, biology and evolution of coleoids. Nevertheless, he was always curious to learn about other cephalopods as well. Sigurd passed away in Switzerland on September 28th 2020. We dedicate this text and volume to his memory.

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