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Research Progress in Construction and Application of Enzyme-based DNA Logic Gates

Liu, J.; Liu, S.; Zou, C.; Xu, S.; Zhou, C.

IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience Pp


ISSN/ISBN: 1558-2639
PMID: 35679378
Accession: 080012196

As a research hotspot in the field of information processing, DNA computing exhibits several important underlying characteristics-from parallel computing and low energy consumption to high-performance storage capabilities-thereby enabling its wide application in nanomachines, molecular encryption, biological detection, medical diagnosis, etc. Based on DNA computing, the most rapidly developed field focuses on DNA molecular logic-gates computing. In particular, the recent advances in enzyme-based DNA logic gates has emerged as ideal materials for constructing DNA logic gates. In this review, we explore protein enzymes that can manipulate DNA, especially, nicking enzymes and polymerases with high efficiency and specificity, which are widely used in constructing DNA logic gates, as well as ribozyme that can construct DNA logic gates following various mechanism with distinct biomaterials. Accordingly, the review highlights the characteristics and applications of various types of DNAzyme-based logic gates models, considering their future developments in information, biomedicine, chemistry, and computers.

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