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Worm on worm: two rare genera of Calamyzinae (Annelida, Chrysopetalidae) , with a description of new species

Jimi, N.; Tsuchida, S.; Watanabe, H.K.; Ohara, Y.; Yokooka, H.; Woo, S.P.; Fujiwara, Y.

Parasitology International 90: 102619


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-0329
PMID: 35777655
Accession: 080074940

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Marine annelids in the subfamily Calamyzinae (family Chrysopetalidae) are either symbiotic or free-living forms that have been mainly reported from deep-sea chemosynthetic environments. Symbiotic calamyzines predominantly live in the mantle cavity of bivalves distributing at hydrothermal vents or methane seeps except for two species inhabiting the epidermis of polychaetes and octopuses. In this study, we describe a new species, Calamyzas crambon sp. nov., from Japan and report a new record of Nautiliniella calyptogenicola from the Mariana Trench. We also provide the phylogenetic position of the two species within Chrysopetalidae based on four gene markers (COI, 16S, 18S, and H3).

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