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A chitosan and hyaluronic acid-modified layer-by-layer lubrication coating for cardiovascular catheter

Lin, C.; Huang, Z.; Wu, T.; Zhou, X.; Zhao, R.; Xu, Z.

Colloids and Surfaces. B Biointerfaces 217: 112687


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-4367
PMID: 35816879
Accession: 080100349

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Despite the fact that transcatheter cardiovascular interventions are increasingly prevalent nowadays, friction damage caused by mechanical interaction between blood vessel and cardiovascular catheter limit their therapeutic utility. Based on dopamine-modified hyaluronic (HA-DN) acid and chitosan (CHI), a layer-by-layer lubricating coating for cardiovascular catheters was designed and assessed in this work. Results showed that the CHI/HA-DN composite coatings became more hydrophilic as the deposition layers were increased. The (CHI/HA-DN)8 assembly effectively reduced the coefficient of friction (COF) and related frictional energy dissipation. Besides, the fluorescent intensity, number of nucleus, SEM morphology and histological slices after friction experiment demonstrated that the (CHI/HA-DN)8 coating can protect the aorta from mechanical injury related to the control group. In conclusion, the CHI/HA-DN assembly can provide an alternative selection for low-damage lubricating cardiovascular catheter.

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