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Nordic strength and history of hamstring injury in Australian Football League players

Smith, N.A.; Bourne, M.N.; Franettovich Smith, M.M.; Barrett, R.S.; Hides, J.A.

Physical Therapy in Sport Official Journal of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine 57: 11-16


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-1600
PMID: 35842946
Accession: 080113436

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Compare hamstring strength between Australian Football League (AFL) players with and without a prior hamstring injury and determine the effect of the number of previous hamstring injuries, time since the last injury, and injury severity, on hamstring strength. Cross-sectional, retrospective. AFL clubs. 124 AFL players. Bilateral hamstring strength was assessed on a Nordbord (Vald Performance) during the Nordic Hamstring Exercise. Self-reported questionnaires were used to record previous hamstring injuries. Players were categorized into No Injury or Hamstring Injury groups. Previously injured players were subgrouped based on number of prior hamstring injuries (single or multiple), time since the last hamstring injury (≤1 or > 1-year ago), and hamstring injury severity (≤3 or > 3 matches missed). 19 hamstring injuries were reported. Hamstring strength was not different between players with and without a history of hamstring injury when assessed in absolute (N) or relative (i.e., N.kg-1) terms. No differences in strength were detected between hamstring injury subgroups when assessed in absolute or relative terms. AFL players that experienced a previous hamstring injury did not exhibit deficits in hamstring strength relative to their uninjured limb or players without a previous hamstring injury.

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