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An extended DeLone and McLean's model to determine the success factors of e-learning platform

Alotaibi, R.S.; Alshahrani, S.M.

PEERJ. Computer Science 8: E876


ISSN/ISBN: 2376-5992
PMID: 35875656
Accession: 080134445

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Saudi universities have adopted e-learning systems to ensure that educational activities continue. Shaqra University adopted a platform called the Shaqra University e-learning platform. This study aimed to identify the factors contributing to the success of that platform in Shaqra University, based on students' responses. This research has proposed an extension of well-known DeLone and McLean's Information Systems Success (D&M ISS) model to check and validate the success factors of the Shaqra University platform. The questionnaire was adopted in this study to collect data from students currently enrolled at Shaqra University. One thousand online links to the questionnaire were randomly distributed among current students enrolled in Shaqra University. The results revealed that the instrument adopted in this study was valid and reliable. Also, the results showed that the model was a good fit for the Saudi context. The proposed factors of instructor's quality, learner quality, and perceived usefulness positively impacted the e-learning platform. On the other hand, the factors information quality, system quality and service quality had no positive impact on the use of the e-learning platform.

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