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Extending the Together, we Inspire Smart Eating Curriculum to Intergenerational Nutrition Education: a Pilot Study

Scrivano, R.M.; Juris, J.J.; Jarrott, S.E.; Lobb, J.M.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19(15)


ISSN/ISBN: 1660-4601
PMID: 35897305
Accession: 080149058

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made accessing nutritious foods difficult for older adults and children living in low-income households. The evidence-based preschool nutrition education curriculum Together, We Inspire Smart Eating (WISE) can be used to encourage children to try healthy foods. Written as a single generation curriculum, inviting older adult community members to WISE programming for an intergenerational experience may provide further supports and mutual benefits as participants cooperate towards a common goal. While creators have evaluated implementation of WISE, research has yet to explore factors that influence WISE adoption within an intergenerational setting. We conducted a pilot study using the implementation evaluation framework to explore WISE implementation within single generation and intergenerational settings by measuring five implementation outcomes (fidelity, acceptability, appropriateness, feasibility, and sustainability) through three methods: (1) direct assessment of program fidelity via video coding; (2) indirect assessment of stakeholders' perceptions of WISE implementation, and (3) a directed qualitative content analysis on annual interview data. Fidelity scores were comparable between the two settings and stakeholder ratings of appropriateness, acceptability, and feasibility of WISE were high. Qualitative data revealed that aspects of WISE are less appropriate for older participants and reiterated known logistical barriers of intergenerational programming that may challenge program sustainability.

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