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The next generation of rare disease drug policy: ensuring both innovation and affordability

Pearson, C.; Schapiro, L.; Pearson, S.D.

Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 11(14): 999-1010


ISSN/ISBN: 2042-6313
PMID: 35946484
Accession: 080179710

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Scientific advancements, new US FDA approval pathways and limited competition have contributed to rapid growth in the number of approved rare disease treatments in recent years. While the rising numbers of orphan drug approvals are a sign of success, the rapid growth in approved rare disease treatments has created concerns about the pricing of orphan drugs and their cumulative affordability to the health system. To support efforts to build a policy and practice infrastructure that drives innovation within a platform that is affordable to patients and the health system, this paper provides an analysis of potential risks as well as advantages of reform options related to drug development, pricing and coverage.

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