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Cost-effectiveness of GeneXpert Omni compared with GeneXpert MTB/Rif for point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis in a low-resource, high-burden setting in Eastern Uganda: a cost-effectiveness analysis based on decision analytical modelling

Ejalu, D.L.; Irioko, A.; Kirabo, R.; Mukose, A.D.; Ekirapa, E.; Kagaayi, J.; Namutundu, J.

Bmj Open 12(8): E059823


ISSN/ISBN: 2044-6055
PMID: 35998960
Accession: 080212960

To determine the cost-effectiveness of Xpert Omni compared with Xpert MTB/Rif for point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis among presumptive cases in a low-resource, high burden facility. Cost-effectiveness analysis from the provider's perspective. A low-resource, high tuberculosis burden district in Eastern Uganda. A provider's perspective was used, and thus, data were collected from experts in the field of tuberculosis diagnosis purposively selected at the local, subnational and national levels. A decision analysis model was contracted from TreeAge comparing Xpert MTB/Rif and Xpert Omni. Cost estimation was done using the ingredients' approach. One-way deterministic sensitivity analyses were performed to identify the most influential model parameters. The outcome measure was incremental cost per additional test diagnosed expressed as the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio. The total cost per test for Xpert MTB/Rif was US$14.933. Cartridge and reagent kits contributed to 67% of Xpert MTB/Rif costs. Sample transport costs increased the cost per test of Xpert MTB/Rif by $1.28. The total cost per test for Xpert Omni was $16.153. Cartridge and reagent kits contributed to over 71.2% of Xpert Omni's cost per test. The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for using Xpert Omni as a replacement for Xpert MTB/Rif was US$30.73 per additional case detected. There was no dominance noted in the cost-effectiveness analysis, meaning no strategy was dominant over the other. The use of Xpert Omni at the point-of-care health facility was more effective but with an increased cost compared with Xpert MTB/Rif at the centralised referral testing facility.

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