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The development and psychometric evaluation of the Mental Health Nurse-Sensitive Patient Outcome-Scale (MH-NURSE-POS) for inpatient psychiatric hospital settings

Desmet, K.; Duprez, V.; Deproost, E.; Beeckman, D.; Goossens, P.J.J.; Vandewalle, J.; Van Hecke, A.; Verhaeghe, S.

International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 30(4): 988-1000


ISSN/ISBN: 1447-0349
PMID: 33686792
DOI: 10.1111/inm.12853
Accession: 080342926

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Mental health nurses are struggling to describe their nursing identity as professional discipline in a changing mental health care. Measuring nurse-sensitive patient outcomes and demonstrating nursing's effect(s) experienced by patients contribute to (re)discover the specific nursing identity. However, a valid and reliable scale is currently lacking. The aim of this study was the development and psychometric evaluation of the Mental Health Nurse-Sensitive Patient Outcome Scale (MH-NURSE-POS) for inpatient psychiatric hospital settings. This three-staged study resulted in a scale capturing how inpatients experience the contribution of nurses in their treatment in psychiatric hospitals. First, a draft questionnaire was developed based on a literature review, an independent expert's advice, and an experts panel. Second, the content validity was tested in a two-round Delphi-procedure and focus groups with patients. A pilot test, based on cognitive interviews, confirmed the feasibility of the questionnaire. Third, the psychometric properties of the mental health nurse-sensitive patient outcomes were determined in a sample of 353 patients. The cross-sectional study included a convenience sample of five psychiatric hospitals (Belgium). The factor structure (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure of sampling adequacy 0.924; Bartlett's test of sphericity χ2  = 4162.537; df = 231; P < 0.001), convergent validity by the Individualized Care Scale (Pearson correlation 0.660; P < 0.001), and reliability (Cronbach's Alpha 0.854) were evaluated. The factor analysis resulted in a four-factor solution representing growth, expression, control, and motivation. The Mental Health Nurse-Sensitive Patient Outcome Scale is a valid and reliable tool to measure the effectiveness of mental health nurses from the patient perspective.

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