Pre-clerkship Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Learning Environment: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Sewell, J.L.; Joshi, M.; Thanh, C.; Apollon, C.; Austin, E.; Burke, C.; Cornes, S.; Davis, J.A.; Hermiston, M.

Medical Science Educator 32(6): 1313-1317


ISSN/ISBN: 2156-8650
PMID: 36439405
Accession: 080691472

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed and implemented a theory-informed process to adapt a comprehensive pre-clerkship medical school curriculum to run in the virtual learning environment utilizing sociocultural learning theory and cognitive load theory. Of 124 student respondents, 45% rated virtual learning as very or extremely effective, and 49% as moderately effective. Positive aspects of virtual learning included effectiveness of chat moderators, displaying pronouns on Zoom, active learning technology, and captioning and transcription. Negative aspects included access to technology and feeling isolated from community. Overall course ratings, examination performance, and work hours did not differ pre- and post-implementation.