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658. Factors influencing the vitamin content of milk fat: IV. the source of milk fat vitamin a and carotene

McGillivray, W.A.

Journal of Dairy Research 24(1): 102-107


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0299
Accession: 080920178

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1. The effect of varying levels of vitamin A ester in the blood plasma of cows on the levels of vitamin A ester in their milk fat has been investigated. 2. The milk fat levels reflect plasma levels, but it appears that, irrespective of the immediate carotene or vitamin A intake of the animals or of their liver reserves, some of the milk fat vitamin A ester is derived from vitamin A of other than immediate dietary origin. 3. It is suggested that the bulk of the plasma carotene contributes little to the level of carotene in the milk fat. The latter derives mainly from the carotene of immediate dietary origin which, during transport from the intestines to the storage organs, is associated with dietary fat and vitamin A ester in the chylomicrons. The author is grateful to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for a grant towards this investigation; also to Mr M. R. Patchell and the farm staffs of The Dairy Research Institute (N.Z.) and Massey Agricultural College for assistance with the feeding and dosing of the animals and the collection of milk samples. The assistance of Miss Fay Frecklington with some of the experimental work and of Mr A. C. Glenday with statistical examination of the results is also acknowledged.

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