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659. Factors influencing the vitamin content of milk fat: V. Changes in vitamin a and carotenoid content of the blood plasma of cows and heifers near parturition in relation to secretion of these substances in the milk fat

Thompson, S.Y.; McGillivray, W.A.

Journal of Dairy Research 24(1): 108-114


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0299
Accession: 080920189

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1. Plasma levels of vitamin A and carotenoids prior to and following parturition have been followed in groups of cows and heifers maintained under typical New Zealand farming conditions. 2. Despite the high carotene intake prior to calving, the cows, and to a lesser extent the heifers, showed decreases in plasma vitamin A and carotenoid level at or near to parturition, the decreases in the levels for the cows being of the same order as those reported in Great Britain and the United States. 3. Although the concentration of vitamin A and carotenoids was higher in the colostrum of heifers than of cows, the total daily secretion of these components by the cows was much greater over the first few days of lactation. 4. Evidence is advanced to support the suggestion that the decrease in plasma components is related to the extra drain of colostrum synthesis rather than to any hormonal changes associated with parturition. We are indebted to the following: the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for financial assistance towards the cost of this investigation; Mr R. M. Patchell and the farm staff of The Dairy Research Institute for the collection of milk samples; Miss Fay Frecklington for help with much of the analytical work; one of us (S.Y.T.) to the Royal Society, the Nuffield Foundation, and the Board of The Dairy Research Institute (N.Z.) for a travelling fellowship during the tenure of which the work reported here was carried out.

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