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An analytical solution for the stress field and stress intensity factor in an infinite plane containing an elliptical hole with two unequal aligned cracks

Hajimohamadi, M.; Ghajar, R.

Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 39(8): 1103-1118


ISSN/ISBN: 1573-2754
Accession: 081696691

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The existing analytical solutions are extended to obtain the stress fields and the stress intensity factors (SIFs) of two unequal aligned cracks emanating from an elliptical hole in an infinite isotropic plane. A conformal mapping is proposed and combined with the complex variable method. Due to some difficulties in the calculation of the stress function, the mapping function is approximated and simplified via the applications of the series expansion. To validate the obtained solution, several examples are analyzed with the proposed method, the finite element method, etc. In addition, the effects of the lengths of the cracks and the ratio of the semi-axes of the elliptical hole (a/b) on the SIFs are studied. The results show that the present analytical solution is applicable to the SIFs for small cracks.

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