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Dynamic Deformation of Clamped Circular Plates Subjected to Confined Blast Loading

Chen, P.W.; Liu, H.; Ding, Y.S.; Guo, B.Q.; Chen, J.J.; Liu, H.B.

Strain 52(6): 478-491


ISSN/ISBN: 0039-2103
Accession: 083267738

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In this paper, the dynamic deformation of thin metal circular plates subjected to confined blast loading was studied using high-speed three-dimensional Digital Image Correlation (3D DIC). A small-scale confined cylinder vessel was designed for applying blast loading, in which an explosive charge was ignited to generate blast loading acting on a thin metal circular plate clamped on the end of the vessel by a cover flange. The images of the metal plates during the dynamic response were recorded by two high-speed cameras. The 3D transient displacement fields, velocity fields, strain fields and residual deformation profiles were calculated by using 3D DIC. Some feature deformation parameters including maximum out-of-plane displacement, final deflection, maximum principal strain and residual principal strain were extracted, and the result was in good agreement with that simulated by AUTODYN. A dimensionless displacement was introduced to analyse the effects of plate thickness, material types and charge mass on the deflection of metal plates. Dic is also proven to be a powerful technique to measure dynamic deformation under blast loading.