Electron spin resonance and optical absorption studies on copper-doped lithium hydrazinium sulphate single crystals

Mouli, V C.; Sastry, G S.

Pramana 26(5): 435-440


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-4289
Accession: 083580020

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Esr and optical absorption studies have been carried out on Cu2+-doped lithium hydrazinium sulphate single crystals at 303 K. The spin-Hamiltonian parameters evaluated indicate a N2O2 square planar environment for Cu2+ ion in this lattice. The correlation of Esr and crystal structure data leads us to conclude that Cu2+ ion enters the lattice interstitially. Charge compensation is achieved by the release of protons. Using the optical absorption and Esr data, bonding parameters and orbital reduction factors are also evaluated.