Fuzzy Mathematics Applied to Heavy Metal Pollution in the Marine Environment, the Calculation of Water Quality Assessment - a Case Study of Lianyungang Marine

Chen, W.B.

Advanced Materials Research 356-360: 2124-2130


ISSN/ISBN: 1662-8985
Accession: 084209466

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Reference fuzzy mathematics of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, Select a representative indicator of pollutants to establish fuzzy comprehensive evaluation index system to evaluate the virulence of Lianyungang marine heavy metal pollution levels; by the monitoring data to establish indicators of each factor on the degree of membership at all levels of the standard form a membership matrix, then make the weight factor multiplied by the membership matrix, get the fuzzy product, obtain a comprehensive evaluation set which indicating that water quality standards for water quality at all levels of membership level, reflecting the ambiguity of comprehensive water quality level, then based on the message obtain the integrated environmental pollution of Lianyungang Marine, provide the scientific basis of environmental pollution control for Lianyungang Marine.