Modeling of Three-Dimensional Terrain Data for Intelligent Control of Unmanned Construction Machine in Deterministic Surfacing Process

Shen, X.M.; Zhou, J.Z.; Han, L.Q.

Advanced Materials Research 1073-1076: 1917-1921


ISSN/ISBN: 1662-8985
Accession: 085675798

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Deterministic surfacing technique is an effective method for intelligent control of operation planning of the unmanned construction machine, and its foundation is the accurate modeling of the three-dimensional terrain data. According to the digital elevation model based on regular grid, the modeling of 3D terrain surface data is obtained. The evaluation of residual error is further investigated, which is quite important for the iterated operation in deterministic surfacing. Through revealing flow chart of the deterministic surfacing method, the importance of the modeling of terrain data and that of the evaluation of residual error are emphasized. The study on modeling of terrain data will promote application of the deterministic surfacing in intelligent control of unmanned construction machine.