Section 88
Chapter 87,220

Research on Heavy Metal Pollution Sudden Emergency Processing Method in Water Environment

Ma, X.G.; Pei, Z.; Sun, J.P.; Fu, J.X.; Tang, Y.L.; Zhang, R.X.

Advanced Materials Research 610-613: 1682-1685


ISSN/ISBN: 1662-8985
Accession: 087219832

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The paper introduced the source and harmfulness of heavy metal pollution in water environment and summarized the applications of the chemical method, physiochemical method and biological method in heavy metal pollution of sudden emergency accident. Meanwhile, the heavy metal pollution emergency processing technology of rivers, lakes and other water bodies were elaborated and the emergency engineering technology of heavy metal pollution in rivers and lakes were analyzed. Finally, the application of bioremediation on heavy metal pollution caused by sudden emergency accident was prospected.

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