Research on the Construction of Intelligent Fire Protection Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform Based on Internet of Things

Sun, G.; Wang, S.; Wang, H.; Gao, Y.

International Journal of Information and Education Technology 11(10): 450-455


ISSN/ISBN: 2010-3689
Accession: 087226183

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Aiming at the teaching challenge of cultivating integrated talents of Internet of things worldwide, and combining with the social background of fire rescue and management problems, We propose a virtual simulation teaching platform for the Internet of Things under the background of intelligent fire protection application. Based on the overall structure of the Internet of Things, different fire scenarios that cannot be simulated in real life are constructed through virtual simulation technology. OMNet++ technology is adopted to carry out virtual deployment of fire nodes for the overall structure of the building, and experiments such as cluster routing simulation, communication transmission simulation and wireless sensor node data acquisition simulation are designed. Meanwhile, a 3D fire data model is established using big data to simulate the best fire extinguishing scheme and the best escape strategy. From aspects of the Internet of Things system design and development, sensor principle and application, Internet of Things communication technology and Internet of Things data storage and application, we have realized the efficiency, innovation and challenge of the Internet of Things teaching.The virtual simulation teaching platform we built has been deployed and put into practical teaching, which has received positive response from students and achieved excellent teaching effect.