Some indices of the carcass composition of Dorset Horn Top Cross lambs. I. Measurements on the live body and carcass, the composition of sample joints and their relationship to carcass composition

Khandekar, V.N.; Goldstone, C.L.; McManus, W.R.

The Journal of Agricultural Science 65(2): 147-154


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8596
Accession: 087685082

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Certain relationships between linear live animal and carcass measurements and the quantitative composition of the half-carcass have been established. Of the live linear body measurements taken, the length of the fore-cannon bone and length of the hind leg appear to have close relationship with carcass measurements. Live fore-cannon bone is a good index of the total weight of bone in the halfcarcass and therefore has application in the selection of meat sheep. Of the carcass measurements studied, length of fore-cannon bone and length of tibia + tarsus (T) appear to be satisfactory predictors of the total weight of bone.