Studio Delle Sostanze Tumoral1 Ad Azione Inibente Sulla Catalasi Epatica « in Vivo » : Nota n. 2 Impiego Dei Liquidi Ascitici Per Lo Studio Delle Sostanze Inibenti la Catalasi

Ceriotti, G.; Spandrio, L.; Agradi, A.

Tumori Journal 46(1): 14-19


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-8916
Accession: 087944607

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Tumoral and non-tumoral ascitic fluids, subcutaneously or endoperitoneally injected (2 ml) in normal mice, produce a significant decrease of the liver catalase activity. The only negative results were observed with a liquid from a tubercular pleurisy and another one from cardiocirculatory decompensation. After adsorption of the ascitic liquids on tricalcic phosphate gel, made old or suitably treated, the supernatant exerts, at the same dose, an inhibiting power on liver catalase which is higher than that of the original liquid. Such phenomenon is of difficult interpretation. The inhibiting activity appears to be clearly increased even after prolonged stay at low temperature (–-15 °C).