The Assault on Mammon: Charles Gore and John Neville Figgis

Newsome, D.

The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 17(2): 227-241


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0469
Accession: 088310103

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'War! That is the enduring condition of the Church on this earth. That is what the word means when we call her militant. And war means an enemy, an opposing spirit. You can have no warfare without there be two mutually opposing spirits'. This makes an impressive opening to a sermon. It would have served as a summons to a Crusade. And, in a sense, so it was- at least in the mind of the preacher, John Neville Figgis, priest of the Community of the Resurrection, when he chose to startle the congregation of All Saints', Margaret Street, by portraying for them the likeness of Antichrist.