Three dimensional Terrain modeling and display for environmental assessment

Kaneda, K.; Kato, F.; Nakamae, E.; Nishita, T.; Tanaka, H.; Noguchi, T.

ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics 23(3): 207-214


ISSN/ISBN: 0097-8930
Accession: 089049784

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A technique for compositing computer generated images of buildings and background images created from aerial photographs is described. The aerial photo data are mapped onto a terrain model based on cartographic data. The technique can be used to pre-evaluate visual impact of large scale construction by means of not only still images but also animations.The technique can be briefly described as follows: 1) an accurate, three-dimensional terrain model is created based on cartographic data. 2) a hierarchy of aerial photo data at various resolutions is mapped onto the terrain model as a texture. 3) the height of trees is taken into account in regions near the viewpoint. 4) allowing intersections of terrain models with constructions facilitates geometric adjustments and shadowing.