Section 90
Chapter 89,213

Turbulent Flow of Molten Steel in Thin Slab Continuous Casting Mold

Liu, Z.Q.; Qi, F.S.; Li, B.K.; Jiang, M.F.

Advanced Materials Research 402: 432-435


ISSN/ISBN: 1662-8985
Accession: 089212987

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The quality of continuously casting steel is greatly influenced by turbulent flow in the mold. Understanding the unsteady flow structures in this process is an important step in avoiding failures and decreasing defects. The cassette filter function is used to deal with unsteady Navier-Stokes equation, and then the turbulent flows in the thin slab continuous casting processes are simulated with the large eddy simulation (LES) method with the Smagorinsky sub-grid scale model. Characteristics of the unsteady turbulent flow in the thin slab continuous casting processes are exhibited. The turbulent asymmetric distribution was revealed even the nozzle in the centre position. And the vortices are located at the low velocity side adjacent to the nozzle.

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