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DMCA/Copyright Takedown Request

Request a DMCA/Copyright Takedown

In addition to bibliographic details and abstracts/summaries, EurekaMag links to the PDF Full Text of some of these science publications. By submitting PDFs, the site's user confirms that the documents are not protected by copyright. Furthermore, no PDFs are hosted on this site, EurekaMag only links to them. The legal background of copyright is complicated since it involves authors, distributors, publishers etc. often located in different countries with different legal jurisdiction.

If you believe that any content at Eurekamag infringes any copyright, you can request takedown of that content, e.g., outgoing hyperlink, right from the web page where you discovered the infringing content. We take immediate action against your DMCA/Copyright Takedown Request which makes it unnecessary to send such a notice by mail or email to us and/or EurekaMag's ISP/hosting company.

Please complete the below (partly filled) form and we will remove the allegedly infringing content. We may need to re-confirm your request if it is not clear what content should be removed and why.
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