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EurekaMag provides 70+ million full-text PubMed and other articles scanned at the National Library of Medicine and 45 other libraries worldwide.

We have broad access to biomedical, zoological, technical and geographical journals published in print and electronically in the USA, Europe, Russia, and China. Our extensive references cover the scientific literature from 1666 to present. Please explore this service here.

Our site currently contains nearly 71 million articles and abstracts referenced in PubMed, BIOSIS Previews, CAB Abstracts, Zoological Record, GeoRef, Web of Science, Pascal and Francis, Crossref, and more.

We supply all electronically retrievable articles within a maximum of 6 h and those scanned at a library usually within 24 h. You will receive your ordered articles by email in PDF format with OCR in the native language of the article applied.

We have broad access to journals and articles published in China, Taiwan, Korea and in Japan. We can supply most articles from China and Taiwan between immediately to one workday. If we cannot retrieve articles published in Japan from a local library, photocopying at a library in Japan takes ca. 2-3 weeks. This is due to copyright in Japan.

We offer discounts of up to 33% for institutional/business customers. If you require articles on a regular basis, please email us:

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